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~ Coloring Hair Tutorial - Part 10 ~

Okay, this may be difficult to understand, so read carefully. Remember you did a layer called Hair, which only had the basic color? Well, Ctr+click (or right click on the layer's thumnail and choose 'Select Layer Transparency'), and you should see that only the hair, and only the hair, was selected.

Now go to Select and choose Inverse. Then go to Dark Hair and hit the Delete key on your keyboard. This will clean the outsides of unwanted color outside the hair. Then go to Darker Hair and do the same thing. Then to Darkest Hair (if you did that layer) and that's it.

But what about Light Hair? No need, but if you're not sure, then do it! And after all that cleaning up, now you can go to Select and Deselect. And there you go! Finished. If you have any questions, contact me. ^__^

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Coloring Hair Tutorial Part 10