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JSKunou.net is a personal website of mine — Javi S. Kunou — where I share my projects, art and links to my other websites. This site has been running since 2006 and still going.

Since I am an anime fan, I only draw in anime style. However, I do plan on drawing non-anime style (simply called as cartoon style) just to see if I can pull it off and enjoy doing it.

JS-Kunou, Cashie and Chibi Mariko

Up until March of 2012, the site was pretty much abandoned. In that same month I started rebuilding the site from scratch because of the mess of HTML, CSS and PHP I had done before as a novice. Since my experiences building other sites (and learning a wee bit from an online university), I have sharpened my skills quite a lot. Along with learning SEO, I had the urge to re-build this site entirely from scratch — which took me 2 months to finish up! The site appearance and content may not have changed much but it has in computer web languages.

Hopefully the site will grow much bigger over time. I will try updating every time I submit new art and other projects. As well as updating Cashie Network and other sites.

About Me

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My name is Javier Soto, but better known as Kunou in the internet world. I am a Mexican American living in southern California near the border. I know both English and Spanish and currently learning a new language for a total of six as my goal for until I'm 40 years old. I am a newbie internet marketer with a goal to fully make a living off the world wide web and pay off my student loan debt (in which I greatly regret signing up for).

My hobbies consist of watching and drawing anime, playing video games, editing home videos, building websites, and a lot of little things here and there relating to Windows computer softwares. I am a very introverted person but tend to go out with friends when in the mood. Though I am no smoker or alcoholic, my addiction is hot sauce, and it has started to affect my health negatively (gah).