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deviantART Friends

These are my dA (deviantART) friends and acquaintances from deviantART.com in almost random order. This is a very old page that I didn't felt like removing after rebuilding the site. Though I may meet new deviantART friends (and saying goodbye to some), I will not be updating this page unless under special circumstances. These people helped me grow, helped me notice the devil in me, helped me understand how society can be... They were a big part of my youth. Sadly, people come and go and some loose touch.

>My deviantART page:

My dA friends & Acquaintances:

LuigiUser BBQBert Shirano Rainoerus Hyari ZebraRaine RedWyvern Alhia Gentleness28 SMeadows PrincessDaisy Kit-Airheart Charlett Toadsiliwraith Lubrian CollAutore Fire Firiel Alexia Ashford eizziL Piano-Kun inuchan409 FlynFreako 654321 Ivan Jupiter ShoujoKitsuneYasha PallidaPapillio BlazingRunaway CrazyDreamerDreamson realrealyoshi Rease Hunter 128Mario Minaya Punto Deku on Fire Nayru-chan Scots Antel ArisuAngel ShadowAxe BakaNoMegami DrMario64 Magentia Lulles LuizaMoony EightCrows WhiteNoir BlazingRunaway HoaDao Keirushii20