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Art By JS-Kunou
Character by JS-Kunou

Image Sizes: 431 x 1152px

Hey, 'veryone. What the heck is wrong with me, you ask? Well, I was DARED to draw myself as a girl. I didn't wanted to or even had imagined myself to actually do something like this, but I did! Blame her!--> CollAutore

Aren't I cute, pretty and smexy? Though actually...I liked the sketch a lot more. I think the inking and coloring messed it up. But yeah...isn't the female variation of my name Javier cool!? Xavyera (Zah-vee-eh-rah) ^O^ There's other variations but Javiera is horrible.

OH! The art style is from Ranma 1/2. Since, you know, in that series the main character is a guy but transforms into a girl... Hehe. So I just had to copy the art style too! I didn't copy the style too much though since I wanted to keep my style as well. Rumiko Takahashi rocks! Reference: [link]. -JSKunou