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Princess Carrinne

Princess Carrinne

Art By JS-Kunou
Character by DekuOnFire (a.k.a. SmashSweetie)

Image Sizes: 1010 x 1050px

This is a commission from SmashSweetie.

SmashSweetie wanted me to draw Carrinne, one of her characters. It took me three weeks to finish after she asked what she wanted. I'm sorry for taking this long!

Princess Carrinne is a Crystal Hunter, age 15. She...wait, I'm suppose to talk about the artwork, not her biography. lol Her biography and original artwork are found here: Carrinne Anderson - by SmashSweetie (her deviantART page no longer exists).

It was fun drawing Carrinne. I haven't drawn a close-up like this before for a long time, so it felt a bit new. I was a bit uncomfortable drawing her because SmashSweetie is so much better than me in art. It kind of made me feel pretty embarrassed. LOL Anyway, I'm rather satisfied since I did a pretty cute job. But about backgrounds...no comment. -.-