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Cherry Blossom Dark (Black Outfit)

Cherry Blossom Dark (Black Outfit)

Art By JS-Kunou
Character by Gabriel Uriarte

Image Sizes: 1920 x 1080px

This is a birthday gift art for one of my most closest friends, Gabriel Uriarte.

This is another version of Cherry Blossom Dark. Actually, this was suppose to be the original one because, according to Gab's referrence sheet, she wears pure black. However, I don't shade in black right in the beginning since that would be hard on the eyes. So, I started with pink so I'd eventually darken it to black purple after finishing. However, I really liked the pink outfit, so I stayed with it. Dark colors just can't show off how hard I worked on the shading, ya know?

Again, happy birthday, Gab! I hope you'll have a good ti...why am I repeating myself, again?

Original version: Cherry Blossom Dark