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Analyser Cashie

Analyser Cashie

Art By JS-Kunou
Character by JS-Kunou

Image Sizes: 2880 x 1620px, 1600 x 900px

Done! Five days after Akira Bright, I'm done with Cashie. It's been a very busy half month.

Revamped Cashie again. This would be her 4th version now. I'm never satisfied, you see. Heck, I'm still not completely satisfied (mainly because of the skirt). The pose is simple but just what I wanted. The hair is definitely better than before.

The entire design was based off of the former versions plus NYX-34's own design of Cashie: Cashie Concept 1 and Cashie Concept 2.

My old versions: Cashie, Detective Cashie, Cashie Investigating.

Anyway, 5 more days until I go to Universal Studios Hollywood and spend 17 hours straight inside the park. Woot!!

EDIT ON OCT. 3rd, 2012: Darker eye shade was lightened a bit while making the pupil a bit darker. The skirt was edited to adjust it to a more proper 3D perspective. Also added a light pink color pantyhose.