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Thanks for Not Hating Me

Thanks for Not Hating Me by Frank (Gallagon)

Art by Frank Gonzalez
Isabelle from Nintendo

Image Sizes: 1187 x 1050px

Comment from the artist:

Message from Discord

Isabelle giving you a hug
was my first time drawing her, that's what took most of my time
as well as finding refences and poses
drawing you only took like 10 mins or less

it took about an hour, hour an half, Isabelle took the longest, because of her oddly shaped body and giant head (that I had to draw 3 times)
then another 15 mins finding the right "hug"
so about the length of a movie
But this was idea I had for awhile

Frank showed me this when I was angry because my dog, Charlie, chewed on my Bluetooth earplugs. But this helped me enough to calm myself.

There's a little story behind this. "Thanks for Not Hating Me" is the title because I was very displeased with the new fighters on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But that changed when I played as Isabelle against my offline friends at my place. I instantly loved this new fighter because of how fun she is.

I still detest that cat Pokemon and that dumb plant, though. Oh, and don't get me started on Cloud. I hate that guy the most.

Art (c) Frank Gonzalez