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Sea Slugs for Kunou

Sea Slugs for Kunou by LuigiUser

Art by LuigiUser
Character from Shogakukan

Image Sizes: 800 x 1355px

Comment from the artist, Luigiuser (Gallagon):

It's Ayumu Kasuga "Osaka" from Azumanga Daioh, one of my and Kunou's favorites anime I orginally got him hooked on this anime. XD;

Osaka is very spacey, slow, random, and has a HUGE imagination, she's always in her own little world, and is always fascinated with the most oddest things.

for example: you maybe wondering what she holding? those are sea slugs, this idea come from an AIM chat with kunou, when we found out about smash bros. brawl being online couple of weeks ago, and about the short messages when taunting, we needed to think of some awesome taunts and sayings for when we battle, so i started quoting random osaka quotes and eventually got to a sea slug moment. ^^;

I know kunou's doesn't like his birthday, but his a good friend, awesome artist, draws me so many artworks, plus is there for mainly in my time of need.

(.....I need to practice coloring)

enjoy all.

Osaka (c) Kiyohiko Azuma

Original post deleted by the artist (that son of a gun).