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Happy 100th

Happy 100th by Frank (Gallagon)

Art by Frank Gonzalez
Characters by their respective owners

Image Sizes: 1815 x 1080px

Comment from the artist, Gallagon (Frank Gonzalez):

EDIT: touched up some bare spots I overlooked. ^^;
Warning: big description!

First off: I do wanna say thank you to everyone here on DA, to all my friends, watchers, aritsts, stalkers and everything else in between, without you guys, I wouldn't be here today.

So yes for all you paying attention to me: the reason why these been such little art activity in my gallery, well...*points to the picture* this is the reason, this monster of a picture was originally started on Nov. 1st and was finished yesterday (Feb. 12th) over 2 months (not 3) in the making, during the making of this was suppose to be my birthday picture back in January, but due to work and some other unseen circumstances I was forced to put it on hold, it never got finished on time. so instead of a super late birthday gift art to myself, I decided to make it my DA anniversary gift with a combination of this picture being my 100th uploaded picture. (even thought about a fourth of my gallery are emotes. ^^;)

Why would I make such a large picture? as I mentioned before, its a dedication to thank everyone who's been watching me, paying attention, and above all inspired me to draw myself, whether it be recently or since the very beginning, many people draw for many different reasons, as for me: alot of times I don't consider my artwork great. in fact when I first joined DA I had no intention of drawing, I started to draw by popular demand (and it all started with this picture) mainly because no one inspired me to do so, one of my biggest problems letting other people opinions get the better of me, even my own family told me I couldn't draw and I was just wasting my time, but I don't draw to make it big, I draw because it makes me happy and makes others happy and get a laugh out of it too. like gaming, its just a hobby I do, not to mention meet people who share similar interests as I. sometimes when comments and replies fly my way and when I don't reply back, doesn't mean I don't care, I do enjoy reading my comments and replies very much, because it tells me you guys are interested in my stuff and opinions, when you post something I don't comment it, doesn't mean I don't like it, its much the opposite, seeing artwork from you guys always brightens my day regardless its a picture for me, a picture of Daisy or just anything that shakes my interests, plus it gives me respect on how much time and effort that goes into each picture, it always makes me wonder how cool and awesome your guys talent really is. :la:

So who’s in the picture? 20 of my closest friends and biggest inspirations. (left to right)

top row: :iconsmeadows: :icondekuonfire:

middle row: :icontodd18: :iconnatsilva: :iconsaiiko: :iconnintendrawer: :iconyoshiman1118: :iconernestogp: :iconepicoswald88: :iconzefrenchm: :iconxxsamluvsgreendayxx:

bottom row: :iconalvin-earthworm: :iconwesker10: :icondarkest-of-days: :icontoadsiliwraith: :iconkunou: :iconluigiuser: :iconaidrin: :iconsonicpeach: :icondimitryryutta: :icondarkness7:

Note: Just because you're not in the picture doesn't mean I don't care about you, but the fact of the matter is, there are just too many people to do so. in fact I ended up cutting out alot of people for various reasons, if I could I'd put in everyone in. but doing so means I would of never finished this picture, so please no complaints on who in it or why their not in it.


  • Q: why is *Alvin-Earthworm choking...whoever...?
  • A: for all those who don't know Alvin, hes quite the Anthro artist with alot of impressive stuff, but the one project that really sticks out for him is his flash sprite cartoon series, SMBZ (Super Mario Bros Z) and if you go to his front page, almost every other day, theres always some troll always asking about the next episode of SMBZ, and that person that Alvin is choking represents that common everyday troll always forgetting that alvin is just then a person makes sprites fight one another.

  • Q: why is *YoshiMan1118 holding two cakes?
  • A: If your familiar with YoshiMan's cartoons, then you know what's going to happen, if your not then let me give you the 411. his comics are just crazy, with alot of cartoon related humor and gags. but the most commons are injuring Daisy in someway, to putting cake in his friends faces on their birthdays, (before retiring from the caking business supposedly) and since this is my birthday picture, I'm about to get my cakes. (for the record YM, I had already drawn your character before you announced your retirement, back in November.)

  • Q: what the heck is with *ErnestoGP arms and face?
  • A: what he is doing is this: :iconyayzplz: you see...about 90% of Erines posts and commons he'll always post the yayzplz icon oddly enough, why? who knows, I think it's funny, and with that, I thought it was perfect facial expression to give him at the time. :meow:

  • Q: why are *sonicpeach and *dimitryryutta holding Daisy and Rosalina?
  • A: there not the real or mini Daisy and Rosalina, but rather small plushies of them, like myself, sonicpeach has a big crush on Daisy and Dimitry goes for the same with Rosalina.

  • what was the point of this FAQ?
  • A: to reduce the amount of common questions that might be asked.

With that said...Thank you everyone for supporting me and inspiring me in someway, heres to many more pictures from me to come. :thanks: :ahoy:

Note from me: I didn't replace the deviantART icons and emoticons due to so many links and images...

Art (c) Frank Gonzalez

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