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Pearl Blue Bikini Arin

Pearl Blue Bikini Arin

Art By JS-Kunou
Character from Ntreev Soft

Image Sizes: 788 x 1260px

The most beautiful character out there--Arin! In her Pearl Blue bikini, this time!

This is the 2nd version of Aqua Sorceress Arin. As I said before, THIS is the best fan art I've EVER done (especially the original)! This goes to show how much I like this character. Ha ha. She's from the Korean online golf game called Pangya (Albatross18 in the U.S.). Man, she's so beautiful.

Again, that bird is/are her clubs. Yes, her clubs. It transforms into her clubs. And the bikini is not 100% the same as the original from the game because I was lazy to draw the unzipped jacket. I just drew the bikini. I really like how I shaded her stomach.

How did I drew her so well even though I'm not that good of an artist? Well, I used a LOT of guidelines this time. I also used a reference of a beautiful figurine of Meer (since Meer fit so perfectly). First, I drew her without the dress and inked and colored her. Then I "drew" her dress with just the pen tool (Photoshop). The reason for such is because I will then dress her differently in the future.

Meer Figure
Official Arin Artwork
Arin Figurine