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I'll Double Slash YOU!

I'll Double Slash YOU!

Art By JS-Kunou
Character from Namco

Image Sizes: 750 x 1024px

Oh, he will. He will, all right...

Hi, Lubrian. Here is what I had promised you for over a year... I'm a big procrastinator, huh? B-) Sorry 'bout that. This school term ain't that bad, and I've been in a little mood to do some art.

This is Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. Cute kid, eh? Oh, ah, you can tell I got lazy with the swords, huh? Well, at least I made a background that actually fits well! As for his boot closer to us...I just can't do 3D. Just can't.

Oh, and the pose is from a How to Draw Manga book about chibis.