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Gallagon's Kooh

Gallagon's Kooh

Art By JS-Kunou
Character from Ntreev Soft

Image Sizes: 676 x 1004px

Merry Christmas, LuigiUser Gallagon! Gallagon (LuigiUser) has done so, so much for me. Unfortunately, this is the only thing I can do for him. >_>

By the way, this is fan art of the game Pangya. By "Gallagon's Kooh" I mean is that this is LuigiUser's character Kooh. This is exactly how his character looks (in drawing, though). I did no modifications to the dress, hair or anything. Here's a real pic of Kooh from the game itself: [link.]

LuigiUser bought me a gift, so I used today's half day working on this. I am very pleased with the drawing. Oh, and yes, it was done with crappy pencil colors! Yay!