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Sexy Grand Chase Amy Aruha

Daisy's Pie

Art By JS-Kunou
Character from Nintendo

Image Sizes: 1809 x 1382px, 1073 x 760px

This was a much unexpected colored drawing I made for Frank's birthday. I had gotten my first ever display tablet (a graphics tablet with a display).

On the 3rd day it was Frank's birthday, so I did this for him.

It took me 3 or 4 times longer to draw Daisy. I didn't start off the right way. With Frank, I drew his body as a shape first, and that went smoothly.

It was only going to be a sketch but then I decided to just color it to see how "fast" it would be to color with this new tablet that I now love.

It...still took me long to color. Not as slow as coloring with the pen tool (from Photoshop) of course! It took me all day. I'm such a slowpoke...

Oh, and I then added a silly pun. Heh heh.