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Cute Li'l Princess Daisy

Cute Li'l Princess Daisy

Art By JS-Kunou
Character from Nintendo

Image Sizes: 1680 x 1050px

Gift art for my best friend, Dracoknight! AKA LuigiUser (2019 edit: now known as Gallagon)!

He loves Princess Daisy, so there's no surprise it's a Daisy pic, right? Yeah. Today is his birthday, and he's as old as I am--twenty freakin' six years. Man, we're old. And isn't pretty weird that we're both old, male, and I drew this very cute artwork for him? Yeah, we're such oddballs, but...well, we love the cutesy girls, all right.

Speaking of cute, I wanted a very simple, yet very adorable, look on this. So, cel-shading fits best. Please note: She is NOT on top of the daisy flower. That's just the background.

Sapo verde eres tu~