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Aqua Sorceress Arin

Aqua Sorceress Arin

Art By JS-Kunou
Character from Ntreev Soft

Image Sizes: 788 x 1260px

The most beautiful character out there -- Arin!

Wow, 4 years on deviantART, huh. I started working on this fan art 10 days ago, and I'm done today, on my 4th anniversary on dA! I must say, THIS is the best fan art I've EVER done! This goes to show how much I like this character. Ha ha. She's from the Korean online golf game called Pangya (Albatross18 in the U.S.). Man, she's so beautiful.

Oh, and that bird is her clubs. Yes, her clubs. It transforms into her clubs.

How did I drew her so well even though I'm not that good of an artist? Well, I used a LOT of guidelines this time. I also used a reference of a beautiful figurine of Meer (since Meer fit so perfectly). First, I drew her without the dress and inked and colored her. Then I "drew" her dress with just the pen tool (Photoshop). The reason for such is because I will then dress her differently in the future.

Meer Figure
Official Arin Artwork
Arin Figurine