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These are just random videos I just want to put for variety. Just click on their image to play. They're FLV files (the kind YouTube uses).

1 HP

Back in August 29th, 2008 (I think), I was playing Mother (a.k.a. EarthBound "Zero") for the very first time. The game...started pretty hard. I was lucky enough to go back home for some special food made by mom.

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Waku Waku 7

This is the intro of the game, Waku Waku 7, which I really started to like. It's fast, crazy, and random! Oh, and very colorful, too! It's anime style and it has a character I've become a fan of -- Arina. Tesse is also pretty cute for a robot. I really need a good game controller for the PC, though. :/

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Waku Waku 7 Girl Fight

My two favorite characters! Especially Arina~<3 Yatta! I'm playing as her in the video. The fight with Tesse is in stage 2, so it was pretty easy defeating her (and if you haven't noticed, I wasn't playing seriously). Oh, the sound sounds annoying sometimes because my video card uses shared memory (if you know what that means). But oh, how I miss 2D fighting games!

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LOL This game makes me laugh. Gallagon recorded this video for me since he found it funny how the character cusses after dying. Ha ha. He showed me the video, so eventually I found it hilarious as well! However, the main reason, I think, that he told me about the game is because I have a friend who calls herself "BBQ Bert". XD

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Dragon Ball - Oh, God! (Spanish)

Oh, this is rich. I've watched Dragon Ball before but I don't remember about this part at all. It cracked me up. lol

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